Nathenial Jones



This project is about my fear against homeless people. The unpredictable moves they can make and the negative feelings against them. But also the feeling of pain and concern that I have when I see them. That I want to help but I can’t because of my fear. 





While home, talking of avoiding
Those abandoned for crisis they did not avert
Discussing with each other what awaits
Religious talk, moral issues and wide awake

The facade of care, as fake as fables
As faceless as the out cast, as many facets
But for the sorrowed dawn, of your near grief
The shattering of the shelter shelved, and soon grieved

And what of the help offered, if any
Well protected heirs, making the idea anti
But heretics to the bible’s letter
Heredity to the best of every better

Very street smart, and liberal legal
Smear to the family name, the thought criminal
Every thing in life, should be smooth, well planned
Smote the proposal that introduces this plague

What of the meet, silhouetting the face
That greet, that dispels the unknown without a trace
Meek, the hidden power of every good
Neat, when could embraces its self allowing would

We could be you , on a different day
I once was you, till broke asked me to pay
Experts who become homeless are not few
But for a day’s moment, life will hit you too

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